YNF provides many Coupling Hub & Coupling Spline which are perfectly fit for the A/AS couplings, H couplings.

The coupling hub or coupling spline cover the following hydraulic pump model or excavator models:

DH220-5, DH55, hitachi A8V59ESBR, K3V63, K3V112, K3V180, K5V80, K3V140, SK100, ZAX70, ZAX120, E120, E312, E70B, HD307, 1545561, EX220, EX200-5, EX200-6, ZAX200, SK450, EX200-1, EX300, ZX330, PC200-1, EX200-2, EX200-3, EX120-5, SK200-8, SK260-8, E320C, CAT 304, SAMSUNG 130SE LC2, JCB JS130, JCB JS200, JS220, AP2240G, CAT 320, R60, etc.



Coupling Hub & Spline for Flexible Rubber Couplings which replace for Centaflex CF-A CF-H Couplings

Coupling Hub & Spline for Flexible Rubber Couplings which replace for Centaflex CF-A CF-H Couplings

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YNF codeDimensionsRemarks
YNF0373410T Spline ID14.5/18 OD00 H46 Z3 bolt12mm10 inner teeth
YNF0142210T Spline ID14.5/18 OD60 H36 Z3 bolt10mm10 inner teeth
YNF0164011T Spline Hub ID16/19 OD60 H36 Z3 10mm11 inner teeth
YNF0294714T Spline Hub ID16/19 OD70 H46 Z3 Bolt12mm14 inner teeth
YNF0293012T ID30/35 OD85 H45 Z4 16MM12 inner teeth
YNF0187912T Spline Hub ID30/35 OD100 H50 Z4 bolt16mm12 inner teeth
YNF0092712T Spline ID30/35 OD100 H50 Z4 bolt18mm12 inner teeth
YNF0163912T Spline Hub ID30/35 OD100 H65 Z4 bolt16mm12 inner teeth
YNF0303813T Spline ID19*22 OD85 H45 BOLT1413 inner teeth
YNF0188113T Spline Hub ID19/22 OD100 H50 Z3 bolt16mm13 inner teeth
YNF0294614T Spline Hub ID19/22 OD70 H46 Z4 Bolt12mm14 inner teeth
YNF0188013T Spline Hub ID19/22 OD70 H50 Z3 bolt12mm13 inner teeth
YNF0188213T Spline Hub ID19/22 OD85 H45 Z3 bolt146mm13 inner teeth
YNF0341313T Spline Hub 19/22 OD60 H36 Z3 BOLT 10mm13 inner teeth
YNF0371814T HUB ID27.3/31.2 OD60 H36 Z3 10mm14 inner teeth
YNF0089114T Spline Hub ID27/31 OD85 H45 Z3 Bolt14mm14 inner teeth
YNF0376114T Spline Hub ID27/31 OD85 H50 Z4 Bolt16mm14 inner teeth
YNF0147714T Spline Hub ID28/33 OD100 H66 Z3 Bolt16mm14 inner teeth
YNF0143114T Spline Hub ID35/40 OD100 H50 Z4 Bolt16mm14 inner teeth
YNF0285914T Spline Hub ID35/40 OD100 H50 Z4 Bolt18mm14 inner teeth
YNF0147814T Spline Hub ID35/40 OD100 H62 Z4 Bolt16mm14 inner teeth
YNF0164214T Spline Hub ID35/40 OD100 H62 Z4 Bolt18mm14 inner teeth
YNF0164314T Spline Hub ID35/40 OD125 H62 Z4 Bolt20mm14 inner teeth
YNF0164114T Spline Hub ID35/40 OD85 H53 Z4 Bolt16mm14 inner teeth
YNF0119814T HUB ID:27/31 OD100 H:57 Z4 16mm14 inner teeth
YNF0213914T Spline Hub ID28/31.5 OD100 H66 Z4 Bolt16mm14 inner teeth
YNF0120615T spline ID22/26 OD70 H37 Z3 bolt12mm15 inner teeth
YNF0245015T spline ID22/26 OD85 H45 Z3 bolt14mm15 inner teeth
YNF0354315T spline ID22/26 OD85 H45 Z4 bolt14mm15 inner teeth
YNF0232515T spline ID29/34 OD100 H57 Z4 Bolt14mm15 inner teeth
YNF0080515T HUB ID29/34 OD100 H66 Z3 16mm15 inner teeth
YNF0109615T HUB ID35/40 OD100 H65 Z4 16MM15 inner teeth
YNF0147515T spline ID36/42 OD100 H46 Z4 bolt16mm15 inner teeth
YNF0147415T spline ID36/42 OD85 H44 Z4 bolt16mm15 inner teeth
YNF0245115T spline ID44/50 OD125 H78 Z4 bolt20mm15 inner teeth
YNF0085415T Spline ID44/51 OD100 H45 Z4 16MM15 inner teeth
YNF0297115T Spline Hub ID44/51 OD100 H47 Z4 bolt18mm15 inner teeth
YNF0356615T HUB ID44/51 OD100 H50 Z4 bolt18mm15 inner teeth
YNF0354415T Spline Hub ID44/51 OD100 H55 Z4 bolt18mm15 inner teeth
YNF0147615T HUB ID44/51 OD125 H62 Z4 20mm15 inner teeth
YNF0147915T spline ID45/52 OD160 H60 Z4 bolt20mm15 inner teeth
YNF01621160H HUB 12T12 inner teeth
YNF0344016T spline ID40/45 OD100 H42 Z4 bolt18mm16 inner teeth
YNF0245216T spline ID40/45 OD100 H62 Z4 bolt16mm16 inner teeth
YNF0356716T spline ID40/45 OD85 H42 Z4 bolt14mm16 inner teeth
YNF0121316T spline ID40/45 OD85 H42 Z4 bolt16mm16 inner teeth
YNF0269717T HUB 42/47 OD85 H4517 inner teeth
YNF0212117T spline hub ID 28/31 OD 85 H 42 Z4 16mm17 inner teeth
YNF0354517T spline hub ID28/31 OD85 H42 Z3 16mm17 inner teeth
YNF0121017T Spline ID34/37.8 OD100 H54 Z4 bolt16mm17 inner teeth
YNF0284117T Spline ID34/37.8 OD100 H54 Z4 bolt18mm17 inner teeth
YNF0341917T Spline ID34/37.8 OD85 H45 Z4 bolt16mm17 inner teeth
YNF0339817T Spline ID40/46 OD100 H66 Z4 bolt16mm17 inner teeth
YNF0354617T spline ID42/47 OD100 H45 Z4 16mm17 inner teeth
YNF0354717T spline ID42/47 OD100 H45 Z4 18mm17 inner teeth
YNF0354817T spline ID42/47 OD100 H70 Z4 18mm17 inner teeth
YNF0084617T spline ID42/47 OD125 H62 Z4 Bolt20mm17 inner teeth
YNF0354917T spline ID42/47 OD160 H60 Z4 20mm17 inner teeth
YNF0147321T spline ID40/45 OD100 H66 Z3 bolt16mm21 inner teeth
YNF0341421T spline hub 40/45 OD100 H55 Z4 BOLT 16mm21 inner teeth
YNF0245322T spline ID44/49 OD125 H53 Z4 bolt20mm22 inner teeth
YNF0145223T spline ID35.5/39.5 OD100 H65 Z3 bolt16mm23 inner teeth
YNF0373523T spline ID35.5/39.5 OD100 H65 Z4 bolt16mm23 inner teeth
YNF0355024T spline ID46*51 OD100 H60 Z4 16mm24 inner teeth
YNF0355124T spline ID46*51 OD100 H67 Z4 16mm24 inner teeth
YNF0259124T Spline Hub ID46/51 OD12524 inner teeth
YNF037109T HUB ID12/15.6 OD60 H36 Z3 10mm9 inner teeth
YNF00659SAMSUNG 130SE LC2 spling hub
YNF0341714T SPLINE ID 31/27mm H 50mm OD 85MM 4HOLES14 inner teeth
YNF03694Solid hub OD100 H66 Z4 S16mm
YNF03723Solid Hub OD58.74 H41.28 Z4 bolt10mm
*If you can’t find the one you need, you send contact us. We can do customized for you according to your drawing or dimensions.